Welcome to Fourth Grade

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Salmon Habitat Paintings

This year we learned that a salmon's habitat includes salmon, salmon eggs, their predators, riparian vegetation, and cool, clean water.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Last Puma of the Month (of May) for the School Year: Kathe A.

Congratulations to Kathe A.
our Puma of the Month of May!

Kathe likes sandwiches, cats, Kpop, the color PINK, and ART CLASS.  The people in her family are Monica, Rafael, Jacklen, Julissa and Katherene.  Her goal for this year:  "Love learning as much as I love my teacher."  (How sweet!)  When she grows up she wants to be an Art teacher!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Eoin says, "Thanks for the left-over Gak!"
We made Gak today in Ms. Charbonneau's class, made art in Mrs. Ledesma's and Mrs. Miller's class, played an Oreo game in Mrs. Davis' class, and played outdoor games with Mrs. Kilian and Ms. Smedley.  There was a little Gak left in the cups for Eoin to play with!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Surprise Present

This is for a surprise present.  Just trust me.  You'll see the results soon enough!

Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe Kathe caring funny friendly busy brave kind smart nice nice active funny honest friendly funny nice calm friendly nice hard-working smart hard-working patient friendly learner

Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel Ezequiel kind kind kind funny certain talkative funny talkative thoughtful energetic busy fair dependable encouraging calm funny trustworthy funny calm funny active active bright charming

Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. Angel C. courageous cheerful sweet friendly brave talkative smart talkative sure cooperative hard-working brave active funny sure kind brave brave brave adventurous adventurous nice sensitive

Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline calm kind shy busy peaceful patient kind patient fair bright shy sure caring quiet shy friendly calm sweet calm ambitious active polite adorable

Anai Anai Anai Anai Anai Anai Anai Anai Anai Anai patient friendly loving active calm nice strong talkative friendly bold humble calm bright friendly shy sweet friendly nice bright calm bold sweet nice strong

Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne Ariadne shy friendly shy shy quiet calm shy calm shy polite polite nice kind humble shy patient calm smart nice quiet sweet flexible

Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel handsome kind funny hard-working nice sensitive brave talkative calm charming mature nice sure bright bright gentle fast cool kind busy nice fierce

Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara bold sweet gentle shy friendly sensitive caring talkative mature mature glamorous busy busy friendly glamorous hard-working calm busy energetic busy charming diva

Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia cheerful kind sensitive shy sweet sweet hard-working nice nice sweet trustworthy nice shy nice busy loving quiet kind nice busy energetic gentle sweet loving

Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma  athletic sweet caring nice hard-working delightful cheerful cheerful nice sensitive determined

Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina friendly kind polite friendly trustworthy caring hard-working humble kind hard-working delightful nice cheerful kind shy caring respectful nice nice smart hard-working trustworthy sweet clever

Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin Roselin independent friendly respectful shy cheerful likable kind sweet sure funny delightful peaceful caring sweet bright delightful fair smart nice calm bright nice friendly multi-talented

Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. Angel M. fair quiet bright funny humble talkative trustworthy talkative cheerful certain sweet quiet fearless cheerful certain peaceful active cool funny cheerful busy smiley

Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza Yaritza hard-working kind caring shy hard-working cheerful nice calm nice brave responsible sure smart pleasant brave brave gentle sure caring nice smart cheerful funny fearless unequaled

Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey assertive sweet cheerful shy polite calm sweet caring fair sure smart trustworthy hard-working fearless honest active nice quiet brave nice charismatic

Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique shy sweet thoughtful shy encouraging hard-working brave fair brave bright peaceful assertive shy thoughtful funny courageous cheerful quiet nice quiet quiet nice one-of-a-kind

Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel Jose Manuel honest polite athletic kind active talkative friendly talkative fearless active patient athletic fair polite busy cheerful friendly cool friendly busy chivalrous

Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia Sofia quiet friendly happy shy shy talkative quiet calm shy friendly quiet nice shy shy cooperative cheerful bold nice shy sure nice intelligent

Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin polite polite funny caring sharing talkative smart talkative assertive shy quiet calm brave funny bold polite funny cool quiet sweet loving

Areli Areli Areli Areli Areli Areli Areli Areli Areli Areli peaceful kind shy busy kind friendly responsible brave friendly caring kind quiet shy bff shy active caring smart nice polite fearless awesome thoughtful

Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa gentle friendly sweet alert independent brave calm trustworthy shy kind fearless shy cool polite adventurous friendly nice nice kind calm nice caring

Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond brave kind smart charming delightful talkative kind talkative loud strong hard-working smart brave kind hard-working certain fast cool smart sure nice intense

Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio Sergio friendly kind loving kind funny talkative nice talkative sure calm loving kind cheerful polite energetic kind friendly cool kind nice loving

Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan funny kind trustworthy funny funny talkative nice talkative funny fearless cheerful kind funny polite thoughtful humble funny funny cool funny nice insightful

David David David David David David David David David David shy kind honest quiet positive talkative cool talkative cute brave honest bold brave funny funny mature fearless funny cool brave nice amazing-potential

Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth Jareth thoughtful kind calm shy pleasant talkative funny talkative stubborn excited sure sensitive funny kind responsible respectful brave cool funny nice determined

Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis polite kind considerate brave nice talkative hard-working talkative loyal brave brave kind bold nice fair polite friendly cool half-brother loving real

Thursday, May 29, 2014